The main activity of Aalux Tires is tire replacement and sales

Tire change

Tire change is a job that has not been done in the garage for a long time with a sledgehammer and an angle iron. Changing tires is a precise job that requires special knowledge. In an everyday garage, there are usually no tools and other necessary equipment for this. Let these work be done by professionals, Tires are the most important detail to keep your car on the road ...

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Adjusting the bridges

The modern car has an adjustable front and rear axle. If it seems that the car is looking for too much road, swimming or, in the worst case, already wearing the tire unevenly, it is definitely time to turn to specialists. In our 3D bridge stand, even the most demanding bridge can be restored and lost driving comfort. The location of the bridge is definitely a factor that improves driving comfort ...

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Car service

Cars have made a huge leap in development since their inception. Things like OBD, diagnostics, sensors, control units may not be everyday in your life, but in our work they are in any case. With us, lighter maintenance can be performed, which is perhaps just an indicator light that indicates the need for an oil change, but also the brakes, and we can maintain other hydraulics ...

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Tire storage

Today's people have many things, we often find that there are too many of them. To accommodate everything you need in the basement box or storage room: bicycles, camping equipment, seasonal items, etc. is the best solution to store your car or car tires in a tire hotel. With the change of season, you don't have to worry about getting transported or getting dirty in the trunk of your car ...

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Wheel recovery

Damage to the wheels is not always easy to see. If a pothole has caused less or more damage, we have the ability and information to restore it and make it roadworthy again. It is good to check the wheels at the turn of each season. In this way, the best possible road holding and driving comfort are ensured ...

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Car service

Everything that moves it also wear down. There is some truth in ancient wisdom. If the maintenance history of a new car is known and the necessary part of possible defects is repaired during the warranty period, but it is always more difficult to buy a used car. There is no such thing as a bad car, there is less a good car. Different nodes give in according to the maintenance ...

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Our Offices

Aalux Tire offices are located almost everywhere in Estonia

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Aalux Rehvid in Pärnu

Aalux Partner Workshop opened a new office in Pärnu. In addition to passenger car tires, we now also offer truck, tractor and loader tire replacement in Pärnu. In addition, we perform car maintenance, climate filling and oil change. ...