AALUX TIRES Terms and Conditions of Purchase



1. Scope and validity of the terms and conditions


1.1 The terms and conditions apply to the legal relationships between all persons and the owner of the shopping environment www.aalux.ee Aalux Trading OÜ (hereinafter Aalux e-shop) arising from the purchase of products through the Aalux e-shop.

1.2 In addition to these terms and conditions, the legal relationships arising from the purchase of products via the Aalux e-shop are governed by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

1.3 Aalux Trading OÜ has the right to change and supplement these conditions and the price list due to the development of the Aalux e-store and in the interests of better and safer use of the e-store. Changes and additions to the terms and price list will be announced via the website www.aalux.ee. Amendments and additions to the terms and price list take effect upon publication of the respective amendment or addition on the website www.aalux.ee. If you placed an order before the changes to the terms and conditions came into effect, the legal relationship between you and the Aalux e-shop will be governed by the terms and conditions that were in effect at the time of placing the order, unless otherwise provided by law or these terms and conditions. 


2. Prices


2.1 The prices of the products sold in the Aalux Online Shop are in euros and include value-added tax.

2.2 The products sold in the Aalux Online Shop and their prices may differ from the other products sold at Aalux Trading OÜ tire centers and their prices.

2.3 The Aalux e-shop reserves the right to adjust prices. If the customer submitted his order before the price change, the price that was reflected on the invoice at the time of placing the order applies to the customer.


3. Shopping cart and the finalization of the order


3.1 The customer's shopping cart is created when the customer clicks on the "Order product" link.

3.2 The amount of the products placed in the shopping cart can be adjusted by either increasing or decreasing its amount. To adjust the amount, click on the link "Edit/remove". Next, please select the delivery method of the goods and fill out the contact information field, then click on the link "Submit order". You are directed to the payment method selection page.

3.3 When using the Lyoness Cashback Card during the finalization of the order, please specify the cashback card's number in the information field. The Lyoness Cashback 4% applies to tires and wheels, if they have been purchased on the Aalux Online Shop webpage or on location at a tire center, the product prices shall be based on the Aalux Online Shop's price list. The service has an advantage of 6%.


4. Payment for the products


4.1 For the performance of the payment, please select a payment method suitable for the performance of your order.

4.2 The products can be paid for:

a) an online bank link: Swedbank AS, AS SEB Pank, Coop Pank AS, Luminor Bank AS ja AS LHV Pank;

b) an invoice, by utilizing the pay later link, in which case the order confirmation shall be sent to your e-mail;

c) With installment payment TF Bank and Lease installment (Holm Bank);

d) an online card payment (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro)

After completing the order, the customer is directed to the secure environment of EveryPay to make the payment. There is a pre-filled payment order with the amount to be paid. After entering the card number, security code (3-digit code on the back of the card) and the end of the card's validity period, EveryPay authorizes the transaction at the customer's bank.

When requesting card data, the SSL security protocol and the MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa security programs are used, which ensure that the exchanged information cannot be intercepted or changed by outsiders.

4.3 Your order will be automatically canceled if you have not paid the purchase amount within 3 working days.
4.4. In the case of 100% advance payment, the order is completed within 1-3 working days and delivered within 2-14 working days, depending on the location of the tire warehouse.


5. Delivery and transfer of the products


5.1 The order can be delivered using the following methods:

a) a courier service, priced at 8.40 EUR across Estonia;

b) self-pickup from Viljandi, Paala tee 52a, free of charge;

c) self-pickup from Viljandi, Riia mnt 54c, free of charge;

d) self-pickup from Tartu, Võru mnt 53, free of charge;

e) self-pickup from Tallinn Peterburi tee 1a, free of charge;

5.2 By making a purchase over 150 euros in worth, courier delivery of the product across Estonia is free of charge for the Client.

5.3 Please verify the validity of the contact information presented during the submission of the order to avoid delays and misunderstandings during the delivery of the products. The Aalux Online Shop and the courier company take no responsibility for delays and misunderstandings during the delivery of the products, if the delay or misunderstanding is the result of the inaccuracy or incorrectness of the data presented during the submission of the order.


6. Canceling the order and returning the product


6.1 You have the right to cancel your order after paying for the products, but before the products are delivered, by sending a relevant message to Aalux's e-mail address info@aalux.ee or klienditeindus@aalux.ee with the order number and your current account number.

6.2 The customer has the right to return the goods purchased from the Aalux e-store, i.e. withdraw from the contract concluded via the online environment within 14 days from the moment the goods have been delivered or handed over to the customer.

6.3 The goods returned to the Aalux Online Shop by the client must be unused (the tires may not be driven, the tires may also not have been mounted to and dismounted from wheels, and no tires must have been mounted to the wheels).

6.4 If the product ordered by the customer does not match the one delivered or displayed in the e-shop, the product will be exchanged free of charge for the correct product or the customer will be allowed to exchange the ordered product for a new, equivalent product.

6.5 In case of returning the goods, the amount paid for the order will be transferred to the bank account indicated by you no later than 7 working days after the receipt of the returned product by Aalux Trading OÜ and payment of the invoice submitted to cover the return costs.

6.6 When returning goods, the customer bears the costs related to the return. Except in cases where the delivered product does not correspond to the ordered one. The goods must be returned to Aalux tires offices in Viljandi, Riga mnt 54c or Tallinn Peterburi tee 1a or to a courier previously agreed and sent by us.

6.7 The right of withdrawal does not apply or unless otherwise agreed.

     a) The product is missing commercial packaging or is damaged.

     b) Goods are the transfer of a thing which, due to its nature, is mixed or combined with another thing after the transfer in such a way that they can no longer be separated from each other.

     c) The product is used.

     d) If tires are mounted and dismantled on the rims. Check the fit of the rims before assembly.

     e) When the tires are installed and removed from the rims. Make sure the tire dimensions are correct before mounting.

     f) In case the goods are ordered separately for the customer, taking into account his special needs


7. Other terms and conditions


7.1 All personal information regarding clients that has become known to the Aalux Online Shop during the visiting of the Aalux Online Shop and making purchases there shall be regarded as confidential. An encrypted data transfer channel with the banks ensures the protection of the purchaser's bank account details.  Also Aalux Online Shop does not have access to them.

7.2 Disputes arising between the Customer and the Seller in connection with the ordering and purchase of products through the e-shop shall be resolved through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the Customer has the right to apply to the Consumer Protection Board for the protection of his rights. Disputes are resolved based on the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia. Issues not resolved separately in these conditions are based on the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

7.3 The client is obligated to read the Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

7.4 The product images in the Aalux Online Shop are illustrative.

7.5 Product information is verified and updated regularly. The data may have been updated after your last visit. Before making the purchase, we recommend that you verify the correctness of the product information at our information telephone number +372 56 475 342.

7.6 The Aalux Online Shop reserves the right to withdraw from a transaction, if the product has been the subject of one of the following problems: there has been a human error during the input of the price or a technical error with the system (e.g. when a 100-euro car tire is suddenly on sale for 10 euros, it is obviously an error). Due to this we presume that the client understands that this has been an error, and that the product shall not be sold for such a price. If you noticed a mistake in the product description or image, please let us know via e-mail or phone.