Mak was created in 1990, but it is a relatively "old" company as it started as a joint-venture made by two families working in the automotive field since a few decades: the Magri family, one of the leaders in the field of tyre distribution in Italy, and Cervati, a family owning foundries since the '30s, a leader in the casting of aluminium parts.Thanks to the technological know-how on one side, and to the deep knowledge of the market on the other, the project of production and distribution of light alloy wheels started very rapidly, assessing the position of MAK in a very short time.The success of Mak wheels was based on a correct strategic planning, keeping into consideration two fundamental advantages: flexibility and styling. 

Flexibility is for us a rather wide concept. It is first of all mental: all customers are different and have a right to be considered differently, according to the exigencies of their country and of their company structure. This attention to the customer's needs naturally evolves into a very friendly attitude, which is one of the most prominent features our customers find in Mak.Our greatest flexibility is nevertheless in the production field: we can offer minimum casting lots of 150 wheels and machining lots of 50 pieces if you require special applications; but consider that, having in stock about 60.000 wheels, we manage to deliver most orders in a week's time. If the wheels still have to be casted, delivery times vary from 4 to 5 weeks on average. 

On a side view, wheels cover approximately 25% of the vehicle surface. This shows how important is the influence of alloy wheels in the general look of a car. It has also been statistically proved that, though wheels are one of the five safety components of a car, they are chosen in 85% of the cases, purely owing to their aesthetic appeal. For this reason Mak, taking for granted the exceptional quality of its products, has invested massively in styling like no other competitor: Mak not only co-operates with various designers, but even acquired the majority in a styling company.This company has styled objects in various fields, from car components to sunglasses, and has managed to propose sporty, aggressive, classic and futuristic wheel styles, with new solutions that are often far from conventional standards and are able to comply with the taste of very different countries.