Aalux Trading is a private company established in 2004, which has made a success of itself in already three Estonian cities – in Tallinn, Tartu and Viljandi.

By having good partners in the whole Baltic region, we are able to offer competitive prices and a wide product range across Estonia. The principal activity of Aalux Trading is the provision of tires/wheels and their high-quality mounting service. To keep the quality from dropping, we have specialized on only wheels and we commit to it. A tool fit for all-purpose is usually fit for no purpose. This is why specialists can handle only one field of specialty at a time.
Since tires are one of the most significant factors in our mostly unpredictable traffic setting, we put much emphasis on their quality, and we also recommend others to do so.
To receive exceptional advice regarding car/heavy machinery or motorcycle tires, please contact our sales consultants or tire experts. We are glad to help you!